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A'ight I'm at my hangout right now and people are all up on me back,you know.Girls and all cappin' on my Youtube and BlogTV (must be jealous,but they cute). Some people don't even be that rude, as i'm typing and I thank them and they cool and I respect that.

Anyway, since my last journal, people been asking me, Aaron, do you have a girlfriend? Where I live right now, what's the point of havin' one. Because some girls I know want a boyfriend now because they have the biggest,they're rude, and they're popular. I feel sorry for them.Listen,I'm from the old school (despite being a 16 year old) and they're few girls that like the men for being themeselves and being a gentleman (like me). So, I'm all like, "Until a girl likes me for me,what's the point!?!" I ain't lookin' for a girl right now.My friends are trying to hook me up with a girl I know,but the stupid part is that she has a man of her own. I proud that she has someone who makes her happy. My friends otherwise, acted like real jackasses by doin' that,tryin' to get under my skin like that.Oh well, that's life isn't it.

I mean, common life isn't what it use to be back in the '90's and the early '00's when friends were friends (havin' your back when you was in trouble),when music was the shizznit (Luda,BIG,2Pac,Usher,etc.), and especially when girls and boys would just have a friendly chat (so innocent,back then),now ervbody's talkin' s**t on FaceBook,MySpace, and Twitter. First, i don't do Facebook or any of that crap (to get things straight). I go by "If there's something important you need to tell me,say it to my face." So what if they talk about me, let 'em talk, at least you'll have someone who'll support you for whaterv you do (like your fam and such).

But I'll be honest, I think there's one girl I know that I think likes me. But I ain't gonna embarrass myself or her in front of her friends and tell her that I like her.She gotta tell me,NOT HER FRIENDS. Like, how do you know if her friends are lying and making it up in the first place.Had that happen last school year and in '08,I AIN'T LETTING THAT BS HAPPEN AGAIN. The girl that likes me got to tell me personally.

Update (As of January 26,2012):

Yes, I'm still finding out what happened to our world, but i have great news! My school chose me to do the morning announcement for a month which is a great honor. Even my "friends" agree with that statement and they even said that they enjoy my deep voice. Also, they been telling the staff that they want them to expand my tenure. So anyway, since my first day doing this, I'm considered popular at my school. I'm not gonna hold that title forever, so i'm just enjoying it for now. There's some ladies at school that adore me because because I'm one of the few boys that are nice to them and they're my fans (sorta), so I bless them because they make me feel calm when I'm doin' my thing every morning. Haters too influence me to do my thing because I believe that if they hate my 'tude and everything I do, that just keeps me doing what I do best. So what if I piss them off? I not tryin' to impress them, I impress myself. And to my "fans", I do this for them, I do this for the people that kept my head up over the years. I also promised to give a big salute to the people that had my back throughout the years on my last day of announcement duties.

Last Words:
What happened to the communities,cities, and friends we grew up with today?

-Now back to your regular schedule DeviantArting-


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Welcome over to DA, and thanks for telling me about those episodes. Well, without a doubt, I'd love to see Wheel 2000, and The Jr. Price is Right if I was given a second option.
I'm right now making Ep.921D (1st ep. on this/VTR:10/23/09 Aired:10/30/09) of Wheel 2000.Hopefully it'll be done in 2 weeks.Contestants are from 6teen (Jen,Nikki,and Catlin).
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